Is KOL Foods poultry fed any corn or soy?

Our poultry is pastured, so they forage for their own food in meadows. These birds, however, are omnivores and need more than what a pasture can provide so we offer them feed and fodder in addition. The feed is similar for all our poultry – it is certified organic, GMO-free and milled locally for our farmers. It contains soy and corn, barley and other glutinous grains. We never feed our birds antibiotics, hormones or arsenic. The fodder is simply sprouted grain, usually barley. We do not have exact percentages of feed make up available at this time.

We have tried feeding our poultry several different soy-free feeds, but none of them were successful. We found that many of the birds were not healthy on soy-free feed, but when switched back to feed with soy, their health and weight were restored. Studies show that soy-free feed does not reduce the levels of phytoestrogen in pastured poultry when raised in legume-rich pastures. Most every pasture has some clover, which like soybeans is a legume and causes phytoestrogen levels to increase. We hope that someday there will be an economically viable and scientifically proven way to raise legume-free pastured poultry. In the meanwhile, we make absolutely sure that our birds are fed only organic, non-GMO soy.

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