What sort of coolers/insulation does KOL Foods use?

We are all about sustainability in all aspects of what we do at KOL Foods, so naturally, we try to keep our shipping as sustainable as possible as well. Your KOL Foods order will arrive in a box lined with insulation made out of recycled cotton and a plastic bag to contain that insulation. We add ample dry ice in your order to make sure it stays frozen all the way to your door.

There’s a lot to love about these coolers:

First, they’re completely recyclable. For recycling purposes, the plastic covering is a #4 and the cotton itself is a #60. 

The cotton can also be composted! When disposed of, it will break down back into the dirt: you can include it in your regular trash, where it will disintegrate swiftly, or you can bury it for the same result. This also means that the cotton layer can be thrown out with your regular trash and it will still decompose in a landfill.

They can also be reused. If you are near our administrative office, coolers and boxes can be returned to us for reuse. For more information, please contact us via our Contact Us page or by emailing info@kolfoods.com. If you are out of state, we can still take them back, but please be aware that we cannot cover shipping. All boxes and coolers returned in decent enough shape to be reused can earn a $5 returned cooler credit. There are a lot of other fun ways to reuse our cotton coolers. If you have done something unique with your KOL Foods cotton cooler, we’d love to see it. More information about our coolers can be found here.

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