My order arrived defrosted. What should I do?

First of all, get a thermometer and take the temperature of the meat. If your meat is below 40°F, it’s safe to be put in the freezer. If part of the meat in the cooler is below 32°F, the cooler ensures that all of the meat will stay around the 32°F mark, even if some of it can start feeling soft. Just as water in a kettle doesn't boil until all of it reaches the boiling point, your meat won't start thawing until all of it is above freezing temperature. This is all according to the USDA’s guidelines on handling frozen meat.

If your meat is above the 40°F threshold, please take pictures of your shipment and any damaged products and send them to so we can remedy the situation. Please note in your email which products were thawed and the quantity.

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