Is KOL Foods meat certified organic?

Our products are beyond organic: we meet and exceed all requirements for organic farming and go much further than those. All our beef and lamb are 100% grass-fed and pastured. They graze on meadows and receive hay that is free from pesticides and chemical fertilizer. The meadows are fertilized by the cattle and sheep themselves.

Our birds (chicken, turkey, and duck) are all raised on pasture. They forage for their own food and get real exercise and movement. They are provided with a feed supplement that is organic, GMO-free and free from antibiotics, hormones and arsenic. Our farmers either grown their own feed, or purchase organic-certified feed. None of our animals are given growth hormones or antibiotics.

But we even though we meet and exceed the requirements for USDA organic certification, KOL Foods meat is not certified organic. There are two main reasons for this.

Firstly, many of the family farms that raise animals for us are not large enough to justify the administrative and financial implications of USDA certification. You can be sure, however, that we maintain close contact with our farmers and require full transparency from them. In this too, we go well beyond the USDA's standards.

Secondly, the slaughterhouses we work with are not certified. There is no USDA-certified organic kosher beef or lamb slaughterhouse in the United States, so even if our farmers were certified organic, the meat could not be certified as such since it is produced in a facility that is not certified USDA Organic.

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