Does KOL Foods provide any nutritional data for their products?

We are unable to provide specific nutritional information such as that found on industrially-produced items. We know that grass-fed meat and fully pastured poultry are better for you and contain better and different fats than industrially raised meat and poultry, but the USDA does not have sufficient data about their nutritional values. Until the USDA conducts standard-setting research, we will be unable to give clear answers about this.

That said, we can tell you that our ready-to-eat deli meats, sausages and hot dogs only contain meat and spices; we do not use fillers or preservatives, and nothing is added that you can't pronounce or might not stock at home.

So the nutritional value of those products is not that different from the meat from which they are made. When making our ready-to-eat items such as sausages, we simply take the meat of our animals, add spices and a small dash of salt - nothing more. The ingredients of these items are available on their respective product pages.

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