KOL Foods Refund and Return Policy

Unfortunately, due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns, as we cannot resell products after they have left our facility. 

KOL Foods aims to deliver the highest quality products possible to our customers. We appreciate your feedback to help us be even better. Upon arrival of your order, if something is not meeting those standards, please contact us via phone at (888) 366-3565 or by emailing info@kolfoods.com.

We cannot address all concerns regarding refunds properly in the FAQ. That said, do not throw away any products or packaging materials before speaking to us.  We require emailed pictures in order to address issues and we will ask detailed questions to better understand the issue. Please contact us immediately, within seven days of the shipping date. 

We ship our products so that they arrive frozen. When your order leaves our facility, it is packed with enough dry ice (based on the size and weight) to prevent thawing through the second full day of transit. If your order is damaged or spoiled due to negligence by KOL Foods, we will replace your order for the affected items or refund you.

Photographs are required for refunds or replacement- without them, we cannot assess what happened to your order or product and address the problem as necessary. 

If you received something you didn’t order, please let us know as soon as possible. We may ask you to take pictures of the labels so we can better understand what went wrong. 

If your order is missing something, please contact us via our Contact Us page or by emailing info@kolfoods.com as soon as possible. We work tirelessly with our farmers and butchers to keep all of our products in stock, and to ensure that our inventory accurately reflects what we have. 

If you are missing an item, it could mean that it was simply out of stock and our system had not accurately shown that. During checkout, we ask that customers indicate how they would prefer we substitute items if they are out of stock: with smaller items, larger items, both, or not at all. If you elect not to receive substitutions, or if available items do not match your substitution preferences, please note that we will refund any items as soon as possible, and send your order to you without the missing item. Please note we will never substitute with a different item: your brisket should never be replaced by a chicken, just a brisket of the same cut in a different size.

When an item you ordered is out of stock and we substitute it for a different size of the same item, we will refund or re-charge your credit card accordingly. You will receive an email notifying you of the additional transaction. We strive to make all these adjustments within seven business days but ask for your patience, especially right before or after the High Holidays, Thanksgiving, and Pesach. If you have not received a refund within seven to 10 business days after your order has arrived, please contact us via our Contact Us form or by emailing info@kolfoods.com.

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